Maria Pollock



Since 1996 I have been serving pianos in the Chicago area and its Northern suburbs. I provide service for grand and upright pianos to private customers and institutions.

I am a Registered Piano Technician and member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

During the SARS CoV2 pandemic we follow CDC guidelines and Governor J.B. Pritzker's orders to protect you and us.

As a Tuner & Technician I

  • tune the strings of a piano
  • service the action
  • maintain the case of the piano
  • provide repairs and replacement of piano action parts
  • install climate control systems for pianos
  • inspect, evaluate, and estimate pianos.

If you have any questions about pianos, please call 773 307 5207 or email me; I can also advise you concerning any regulating issues.


I grew up in Heroldstatt, a small village in southern Germany. At the age of 13 I became the village's church organist. I pursued professional music education and became a junior high school teacher in 1994. When I graduated I did not only have a degree in my pocket but also my first tuning hammer and a basic idea of piano tuning.

After I had moved to Chicago (and got married) I apprenticed with the late Steven Wilson, Skokie, IL. Steve's swift tuning skills were only surpassed by his unparalleled humor. He taught me in-home piano tuning and servicing.

Since November 2004, I have worked with James Fullmer, a renowned rebuilder in Chicago.

In June 2010 I passed the exams for Registered Piano Technicians (RPT).

I am looking forward to meeting you and your piano. If you would like to own a piano I will be glad to consult with you regarding your choices.

David Laser

David Laser

Since 1989 David Laser has been servicing pianos in the Chicagoland area. He studied aural piano tuning and piano service and repair with Brian Mott, RPT. He has passed the exams of the Piano Technicians Guild. He services pianos for private clients, artists and venues. His experience in piano preparation, service and repair is extensive. Dave is also a songwriter and arranger.